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Coronavirus’ impact on incoming UH transfer students

Gerald Sastra/The Cougar

Gerald Sastra/The Cougar

This year, transfer students from surrounding colleges and universities have been adjusting to the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic while learning how to integrate into the University.

Although offices on campus have slowly been reopening, the Welcome Center, where the Transfer Advising Program is housed, has not allowed walk-ins yet.

Right now, virtual appointments and declared majors carry priority. TAP advisers are available for appointments online or over the phone by filling out their advising form.

TAP aims to assist former, future and admitted students with the transferring process.

With TAP offices located at the Welcome Center, the C.T. Bauer School of Business, Houston Community College, Lonestar College and San Jacinto College, transfer students have the option of several physical locations to visit for help.

For some students, starting early in the transfer process is a key step towards successful enrollment. Transfer junior Joyceline Odoi began the transfer process in May and enrolled in her fall semester classes at the C.T. Bauer School of Business.

“I’ve heard about TAP at UH,” Odoi said. “My experience speaking to them was very straightforward and it was easy, communicative and (expressive of) how you feel.”

Although she is nervous to start classes amid a pandemic, she is excited to see what her future holds, and advice from her transferring adviser has helped clear the confusion she had about transferring to the University, Odoi added.

“I’ll take the challenge and hopefully it turns out to be a great move that I’m taking right now to transfer to UH during this pandemic,” Odoi said.

Unlike Odoi, prospective UH student Tiffany Cortes has not heard about TAP. Cortes is a current junior at HCC intending to transfer to UH for the Fall 2021 semester.

“Honestly, I don’t feel that confident in the transferring process at this time,” Cortes said.

“There’s so much that we don’t know and it’s the fear of the unknown and it’s worrisome, especially about the conditions we are all going through at this time with COVID-19.”

Despite fears, Cortes expects to make a smooth transition to the University and she hopes to speak with an adviser that directs her towards the right path.

The shift to primarily online classes is not what Cortes preferred, but she understands the need due to the coronavirus.

“I would like face-to-face class time as I learn better that way but my safety does come first, so online would be okay,” Cortes said.

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