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‘It gives me something to believe in’: Astrology’s impact on college students


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With the rise of the relevance of astrology in popular culture, many college students have turned to the practice as a coping mechanism to the ever-changing world. 

For biochemistry junior Isabella Mason, astrology has played a key role in her life since 2017. Since then, Mason’s love for it has only grown as she gets excited to read and analyze people’s natal charts.  

“I do think it plays a role in my day to day activities because I find it interesting, especially when meeting someone new,” Mason said. “I do try not to treat others differently based off their signs but rather highlight common attributes. We’re more than our sun signs.”

When practicing astrology, Mason values the relatability that comes as a result of her birth chart placements. Within each person’s birth chart, they have a variety of placements in different signs, corresponding to different parts of their personality.

“I believe it gives me a peace of mind in a way that it lets me channel my thoughts and emotions in a relatable way,” Mason said. “Almost ‘normalities’ or gives a source of why I might be thinking certain ways. It’s shown me so much insight in myself over the years.”

For some, astrology can indicate something greater than themselves without being directly related to a specific religion. In times of economic or personal hardship, people can turn to astrology to help them believe in something, according to The New Yorker.

“I love (astrology) for the reason that it gives me something to believe in without my beliefs becoming demanding or controlling random aspects of my life,” Mason said. “There is no ‘Bible’ in astrology.”

Mason mentions how astrology can be comforting for Generation Z as they evolve the way they think about and approach the world. For people interested in astrology, the practice can range from a casual activity all the way up to a way of life.

“I think Gen Z relies on astrology, because as a generation I feel we are all constantly expanding the way we think and what we think of as (the) quality of life,” Mason said. “For some people, astrology is a fun hobby to relax their mind, while for others, it’s something they are deeply passionate about and can come back to ground them in their lives.”

In the grand scheme, Mason believes astrology can be flexible to a person’s own individual desires. While accessible through free applications, online resources and professional astrologers, astrology is readily available for those who seek it. 

“I think astrology is special in the way that it can be so malleable in the way people implement it in their own life,” Mason said. “I also think astrologers aren’t doing their work in any sort of forcing of info way; only educating those who ask for more info.”

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