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New mental health organization Mindversity offers new resources to UH

The newly established Mindversity chapter at UH will offer interested students connections to mental health resources. | Gerald Sastra/The Cougar

A chapter of the national peer network Mindversity will be coming to the University this fall.

Established by kinesiology sophomore Nina Klonis and biochemistry junior Jessica Nguyen, the organization aims to connect a diverse network of students to mental health resources and to create safe spaces for speaking about mental health issues.

“We want to do this by creating peer support networks across campuses and reducing cultural stigmas through education and generating a platform where resources are readily made accessible,” Klonis said.

Klonis understands the importance of staying connected with students online, specifically while they are living and learning remotely.

“Right now, we are focusing on social media and sharing our organization with other students,” Klonis said.

Nguyen wants to reduce the stigma that can accompany mental health issues. Different cultures and backgrounds may discourage students from addressing their mental health issues and some may feel strange talking with others about mental health, Nguyen said.

“We have international students who have different cultures from us and it is important to emphasize cultural relativism,” Nguyen said.

“Some may express less than others due to their own beliefs, that is unnecessary. I want to make sure that no matter what, expression is crucial.” 

Nguyen advises students to talk to friends, unplug from the computer, list stressful thoughts and maintain self-care rituals to promote well-being. 

Mindversity is available to mitigate the stress that accompanies online courses, Nguyen said.

To get involved with Mindversity, students can reach the organization at their Instagram handle @mindversity_uhcougars, fill out their Google participation form or email them at [email protected].

[email protected]

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