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Food trucks cease on-campus operations for fall semester

Food trucks will stop on-campus operations for the duration of the fall semester. | Deaunte Johnson/The Cougar

Food trucks will no longer be coming to campus for the fall semester after a drop in demand amid the change of on-campus life.

The University did not cease food truck operations at the start of the semester due to uncertainties about campus life and how many students would be on campus daily.

“We started the semester with food trucks at three locations on the main campus. However, the volume and demand were not sufficient to continue the program,” said Charles Pereira, senior dining director.

Food trucks have been a staple on campus for years and many food truck owners and some students were shocked and saddened after hearing the news.

“As food trucks are set up for carryout and to-go service by their very nature, we were surprised by this decision,” said Coreanos food truck owner Mohammad Omar. “UH not allowing food trucks on campus has only added to the financial strain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

As for students, hearing this news has added to the list of things that will not be returning to normal this fall.

“I think it’s somewhat sad that the food trucks won’t be on campus. Somehow, it makes it feel like another thing we have to lose because of the circumstances we’re living in,” said violin performance junior Nayeli Sanchez.

“I used to go to the food trucks at least one to three times a month with my friends in the past semesters,” Sanchez said.

On the other hand, some students are in agreement with the UH Dining Services decision.

“I am sad about it but more because what I want is a sense of normality right now, but quite honestly there’s no reason for them to be here because campus is very empty,” said exercise science senior Ayana Reyes.

Just because the food trucks will not be available on campus this fall does not mean they will be absent permanently. 

“We hope for the program to return in the spring, should there be demand.” Pereira said.

Additionally, some food trucks that frequent campus can still be supported around the Houston area. 

“To promote sales, Coreanos has parked our truck at a permanent location where customers can always find us, regardless of school openings and closures,” Omar said.

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