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New Cougar Card available for students this semester

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

The Cougar Card Office is open and holding appointments for students to pick up their new Cougar  Card this semester. 

Older versions of the Cougar Card are in the process of being phased out and new smart Cougar Cards are being introduced to all University students.

Students must make a virtual appointment using the QLess app or the Cougar Card website in order to pick up the new Cougar Card.

The new Cougar Card has a replacement fee of 20 dollars if it is lost or damaged. The card comes with access to all available amenities like the fitness center, game day perks and printing services. 

“I used the online queue and I thought it was pretty straightforward and easy to use,” biomedical engineering freshman Joan John said. “I actually only went to campus to pick it up because I needed it to show for an exam.”

Students can get their Cougar Card mailed to them as long as they are not residing in Houston. 

Sale discounts around Houston are significant perks associated with the Cougar Card, however, finance junior Perla Silva-Perez chose to opt-out of a new Cougar Card because of the city’s Stay-at-Home order. 

“I don’t see a point to get it right now because of the situation with the coronavirus. It is just not my first thing to do right now,” Silva-Perez said. 

The Cougar Card Office is not taking in-house photos. Instead, students are required to upload their pictures through myAccessUH.

“Also, I have not done it because I do not like the pictures of me that I have, so I’m still trying to find one that follows the rules for it,” Silva-Perez said.

The Cougar Card is primarily needed when taking exams, accessing specific areas and even buying meals with Shasta Bucks. 

For now, Cougar Cards are being distributed to faculty, staff and students in various stages during the pandemic, according to the Cougar Card website.

Students can use their regular state ID for exams and buy necessities with regular cash while the campus transitions to virtual online learning. 

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