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Weekly horoscopes: Advice for each zodiac sign

As we enter into Libra season, each astrological sign will feel the energy differently. Enter this time with our weekly horoscope:


Aries, this is your season for self-discovery. This is the time to be honest with yourself on what you want and where your priorities lay. In this new season, take advantage of opportunities that approach you and make the most of where you are in life now. Whether you realize it or not, you used to yearn for times like this. As you move forward, remember to give back the same respect and kindness you expect from others.


Taurus, your challenge right now is to find your sense of home. Take this time to do tangible things that’ll help you grow. Develop a consistent sleeping schedule, start eating healthier or maybe even revisit your workout routine. Your sentimental side may feel heightened emotions by the changes in the weather, and that’s valid. Remember, you are your own biggest priority and are worthy of self love.


Gemini, this can feel like a weird time in your life. Despite some emotional and personal struggles you may be facing, you will find it easier to tap into your higher self this week. Take advantage of this. Be yourself to the fullest extent. Dress like yourself. Eat your favorite foods. Listen to your favorite artists. Marinate in who you are. There’s nothing wrong in being a little chaotic.


Cancer, this is your time to seek peace. Recognize where you are in life and the problems you’re facing, but also realize you are so much more beyond them. You thrive at home and in smaller environments, so allow yourself to stay within them. Whether it be lighting a candle or taking a long shower, do something to make your soul warm. This is the perfect opportunity for some interior designing or decorating to make your house feel more like a home.


Leo, this is your time to remember who you are. At the root, you’re a fun-loving spirit and you might feel like you had lost that for a minute. Get innovative with reconnecting to your extroverted side, keeping social distancing and COVID-19 in mind. Take the first step to making new or deeper connections. Live the life you’ve always wanted or face the consequence of feeling like you’re wasting away. 


Virgo, this is your slow burn. Coming out of a period of being so in your element, this transition may feel odd, but not bad. This is your call to tap into your responsible side and focus on career and educational goals. You are strong and stable and don’t expect less from yourself. Don’t overwork yourself, but appreciate the hustle. You will reap the awards of your actions.


Libra, this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. If you’ve been wanting to rebrand, this is your opportunity to do so. If you want something in your life, this is your opportunity to manifest it. These are your powers at their strongest. Treat yourself as your birthday approaches and value your coming of age. Take things one day at a time and appreciate the little things.


Scorpio, take this time to take a break. As your season approaches, don’t neglect the beauty of the present. You have all these emotions, but sometimes don’t take the time you need to process them. This is your chance. Your alone time is sacred and an opportunity to be completely vulnerable without any trust issues. Throughout it all, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.


Sagittarius, you’ve been working hard lately and it has not gone unnoticed. During this time, offer yourself some grace when things don’t go completely as expected. Remind yourself it’s okay to be soft sometimes. You don’t always have to be the hungry powerhouse. It’s who you are and has brought you to where you are now, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a moment to settle down.


Capricorn, this is your time to reset into who you want to be. If you’ve been having a hard time transitioning and handling tasks recently, this is the time to relax and feel grounded. Don’t feel guilty for enjoying yourself, toxic productivity is a trap. As the holidays approach, live in the moment and take it all in. Spend quality time with the people you love; do things that make you feel whole. 


Aquarius, take this time to live life to the fullest. You have the unique ability to recognize and digest that life moves and nothing will ever be that deep. Keeping that in mind, you are able to surpass daily nerves and do what you strive for. Trying new things makes you feel validated and alive. Continue this trend and do things that’ll spark joy.


Pisces, you can wake and make the change you’ve been waiting for. You have been in a period of taking things slowly and safely, and you finally will feel the courage to shake the table. You grow from discomfort, and pushing yourself to be out there will ultimately better you. Your sensitive side is what makes you who you are, be proud of your emotional abilities, and people who value it will come to you.

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