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Podcast pals: Meet the two freshmen friends who host a podcast about headlines


Juana Garcia/The Cougar

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

Huddled in a closet early one Sunday morning, freshmen Angela Jardina and Victoria Loreant crouched over a phone, laughing at a list of bizarre news headlines, recording what would become the first episode of their podcast “Broadcast“.

The two friends were recently inspired to start a podcast in late August as the school year was commencing, a process they discuss in their first episode. They wanted to establish a fun activity to keep them connected, even when life gets busy.

“I know this time is really tough and a lot of people are isolated right now,” Jardina said. “The podcasts I love bring me a lot of joy, especially when I have to work from home, so my goal is for our podcast to bring some joy to people too.”

“Broadcast” is a comedy and improv podcast.

Each episode of “Broadcast” features a few different segments such as “What Would Vic Do,” in which Loreant gives insight into how she would act in certain situations, and “Ang’s Answers,” in which Jardina answers Loreant’s questions.

These segments tie into each episode’s main talking points: the three news headlines.

“I started doing improv in high school and it was such a release for me, definitely more than I expected it to be,” Jardina said. “Comedy has been a huge part of my life. It’s an escape for me.”

Within the first few minutes of each episode, there is joke cracking and poking fun. A mutual affinity for comedy and friendly banter gives the podcast an inviting feel, which is a goal shared by Jardina and Loreant.

The playwriting and psychology freshmen have been best friends since sixth grade, bound by their shared awkwardness, Jardina said. Now, they live in the same neighborhood and even work at the same café.

“Angela is definitely very extroverted and I’m very introverted, but I think that mixes well because she’s able to get me out of the house and get me to meet new people,” Loreant said. “I wouldn’t have met a lot of my friends if it wasn’t for her. She’s helped me get out there and be more sociable.”

Jardina and Loreant want “Broadcast” to be a source of positivity for their listeners who may be feeling alone with this semester of online school, they said.

“Things are hard right now, and I think it’s nice to find a little bright spot in comedy,” Loreant said.

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