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Houston Public Media receives its largest-ever donation

A record-setting $8 million anonymous donation was made to Houston Public Media as part of the University’s “Here, We Go” campaign. | File photo

The Houston Public Media station has received its largest ever endowment with an $8 million testamentary gift from an anonymous couple. 

While detailed information about the donation remains under wraps to protect the donors’ identities, it’s no secret that Houston Public Media plans to serve as a community catalyst for Greater Houston with new content and resources. 

“This money is a planned, testamentary gift; we have not secured these funds as planned gifts. (The donations) only become available to the station after the donor passes away,” said Anessa Rios, Houston Public Media manager for studio society and community fundraising.

The multi-million dollar gift was given as part of UH’s “Here, We Go” campaign

This gift is meant to bring more opportunities for Houston Public Media to use multi-media platforms such as TV, radio, web, mobile and social media.

As broadcast reach and accessibility increase, so do opportunities to utilize these resources to invest in civic engagement, education and cultural reflection. 

According to the press release, the goal is to promote and produce public educational television and radio programming for the use and benefit of humanity.

These efforts align with Houston Public Media’s mission of delivering news reporting and education, arts and sciences programming to the Houston community. 

“The couple grew up with public radio and television and know the impact it makes on rural and urban communities,” said Lisa Shumate, HPM associate vice president and general manager. 

“They are longtime supporters of NPR and PBS and their gift will support Houston Public Media’s emphasis on advancing free speech, educating the community and ensuring fair, unbiased news. It’s such an honor that University of Houston alumni support Houston Public Media in this way,” Shumate continued. 

Although the “Here, We Go” campaign ended Aug. 31, it raised just north of $1.2 billion. The funds will support the UH System’s long term priorities and its partnership with HPM. 

“This couple has made a truly extraordinary commitment to enrich the lives of Houstonians and beyond,” said vice president for University Advancement Eloise Brice. “Their gift will define Houston Public Media’s impact for a generation and create a lasting legacy.”

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