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How to Halloween during a pandemic

Santiago Gaughan/The Cougar

Santiago Gaughan/The Cougar

With the pandemic already making things scary outside, Halloween is just around the corner to add
another layer to the spook. Like many things, the holiday has become one of the many victims of change the pandemic has caused.

Many activities associated with Halloween are limited as it involves people being close to one another. Such closeness can aid in the transmission of the virus, thus making people look for other ways to celebrate safely.

While it will not be in its usual spooky fashion, there
are still ways to celebrate the holiday.

That said, here are a couple of ways to keep it safe and fun this Halloween:

Halloween potluck

If you have a small group of friends or roommates, a Halloween potluck is a perfect way to celebrate together. A small group of friends makes it easy to social distance while eating your heart out with food.

To keep it in the Halloween spirit, you and your friends can dress up in costumes and do a small photo shoot to commemorate the moment.

Unsure of what to wear as a costume? Here are some costume ideas summing up 2020 in a nutshell:

Any character from Euphoria
Carol Baskin or Joe Exotic
Anthony Fauci
Megan Thee Stallion or Cardi B
LeBron James
A Dumpster Fire

If none of these ideas fit your fancy, Pinterest is a great place to garner some inspiration. In addition to a mini photoshoot, some fun activities to include in the potluck can be watching movies, playing video or board games and pumpkin carving.

Movie marathon night

You are not celebrating Halloween correctly if you don’t watch at least one horror film.

While you can watch movies with your friends socially distanced, you can also watch them virtually with Teleparty. When installed, Teleparty allows you to watch Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and HBO with your friends. While watching, you can also interact with others in the app’s built-in chat box.

The only downside is that Teleparty is currently only available for desktops and laptops. So if you’re interested in watching solely on your phone, check out apps like Rave and Airtime. Both works like Teleparty and are available for iPhone and Android.

Boo baskets

Let’s be real, trick-or-treating is a bust this year, but don’t let it stop your sweet tooth from getting some action. Instead of engaging in trick-or-treating, you can make baskets to share with your friends.

The idea is to have you and your friends make baskets for each other, filling them up with each other’s favorite sweets. You can also personalize them as much as you like by transforming them into a care package.

In addition to adding candies, you can also include Halloween-themed items, your friend’s favorite snacks and other things they like or find useful in the basket.

Haunted houses

Believe it or not, the pandemic hasn’t stopped haunted houses from popping up this year. And if watching horror movies isn’t enough, you can get your spook on by going to one of the haunted houses located in Houston.

Worried about keeping safe? Many of them, such as 13th Floor Haunted House and Phobia
Haunted Houses, are now equipped with new safety measures so you can be shaking in your boots as safely as possible.

Of course, with these new safety measures, there will be limited capacity. So be sure to get your tickets early and wear a mask!

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