Provost announces traditional face-to-face courses are available for spring 2021 semester

In an email to students, Provost Paula Short announced that traditional face-to-face courses will be available for the Spring 2021 semester.

According to Short, course options will be published Friday Oct. 30 and will now include traditional face-to-face courses along with HyFlex, online synchronous and online asynchronous courses.

“Course delivery options in the spring will continue to prioritize student choice, accommodate health and safety concerns and allow the University to make rapid adjustments if needed due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Short said in the statement.

Short also mentioned that courses won’t be cancelled, but might change modes of instruction if the pandemic poses enough of a threat to do so.

In the email Short said that the interim grading policy will continue through this semester, but didn’t mention if it would continue through the Spring 2021 semester.

“Student success remains our top priority as we continue to support you in making timely degree progress,” said Short. “I wish you the best as you complete the fall semester.”

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