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UH’s Moores School ranked top institution to study music

The University ranked No. 1 among the best colleges for music in 2021 out of 143 colleges and universities, according to College Factual. 

The college ranking website considers data from its 2021 Best Colleges list and specific factors including major focus, major popularity and accreditation to create the ranking. 

UH alumna Madeline Gregory holds a bachelor’s degree in music education. She chose to attend UH over other Texas music education programs after doing research and touring the campus. Gregory was drawn in by the mentorship she had received from graduates of the program, the faculty and the available educational opportunities. 

“Almost all of my band directors I had from sixth through 12th grade graduated with their music education degree from UH,” Gregory said. “Opportunities to receive a world-class education, performance and teaching opportunities, all while staying close to home, really helped me realize that this was where I wanted to invest my education and time into.” 

Gregory feels that her UH education prepared her for her current career as the assistant band director at Oak Ridge High School in Conroe.

“The faculty at the Moores School of Music do an excellent job of making sure the students have many opportunities to further their education and learning not only in the classroom setting, but outside the classroom as well,” Gregory said.

“From day one, the MSM faculty are committed to providing their students with a holistic education, no matter what area of study they are in within MSM. When we graduate, we leave with the tools and knowledge needed to teach, perform and inspire the next generations of musicians,” Gregory added.  

Music education junior Roland Hernandez also believes the UH faculty will provide him with the tools necessary to teach music. 

“I have full faith in my professors, (Blake Wilkins and Alec Warren), to provide me with the information of a successful percussion teacher,” Hernandez said. “These past four to five years learning under these professors have been memorable and life-changing.” 

“The (music) education faculty does a great job in guiding their students to proper schools for their student-teaching semester, and also does a great job in guiding graduated students to their preferred schools to teach at,” Hernandez added. 

The average UH music student working on their bachelor’s degree accrues a median $27,000 in student loans, which is higher than the median of $25,500 for music undergraduates at other institutions, according to College Factual. This is in spite of UH being ranked among the best schools for your money in 2021, also by College Factual. 

However, the Moores School of Music provides students with scholarship opportunities to alleviate some of that financial burden.   

“The Moores School of Music is incredibly diverse in more ways than one. There are also many different scholarship opportunities within MSM to help alleviate any student debt that might occur after graduating,” Gregory said. 

College Factual mentions that the median salary of UH music undergraduates is $49,200, which is high compared to the average income of $22,900 for music bachelor’s degree recipients at other schools. 

Percussion performance senior Adrienne Anaya speaks on behalf of her music education colleagues regarding post-graduation salary.

“Although I am not a music education major, I am surrounded by them all the time and know that (UH’s) program is great,” Anaya said. “Most start with a 50k plus salary and have 100 percent job placement after graduation.” 

“I do believe UH is one of the best music programs in Texas and is a great place to network and grow as a musician,” Anaya added. 

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