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Binge-worthy Netflix shows to watch over break

Gerald Sastra/The Cougar

Gerald Sastra/The Cougar

As winter break approaches and finals come to an end, there is a a new hole in student’s schedules that can be filled with some good old binge-watching of shows on Netflix.

TV shows can be a good way to not only escape reality while on break, but to find some decent entertainment for those who have nothing to do while school work is on hold.

“One Tree Hill”

For those who are a fan of any teen shows that came out in the early 2000s, like “Gossip Girl” or “The OC,” then a good binge can be found in “One Tree Hill.” I started this over break myself and have only conquered three out of the nine seasons there are to offer. The first season is sort of slow to get into as it is introducing all the high school characters in their boring high school lives, but once the plot kicks in, you won’t want to stop once you start.

“The Vampire Diaries”

This goes more into the world of teen shows after 2010, but with a supernatural twist. Even if you have seen this show before, it’s such a good rewatch and the first six seasons are all genuinely good, and follow a plot that makes the audience want more. After Nina Dobrev left for seasons seven and eight, there was a little bit less of that, but nonetheless, it is a good binge. And if you can’t get enough, there are two different spinoff shows with some of the same characters that are set in the same world.


Probably one of my favorite shows of all time, this six season phenomenon is on the edge of a sitcom and mockumentary of a group of community college students and the antics at their school. All of the characters offer a good story arc, and the writing is so well done that it makes the binge easy and leaves you wishing there were even more seasons.

Arrowverse Shows

If you need a good time-consuming activity, look no further than watching every show from the CW’s Arrowverse. All the different DC comics superheroes offer different storylines for each character within “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” “Legends of Tomorrow” and “Black Lightning.” Other shows are still being added to the lot and expanding the universe, but the best part of it all is watching the crossover episodes between all of them.

“Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “Legend of Korra”

For those interested in animated series, these are the ones for you. At this point I am convinced everyone and their mom has heard of these shows, but you have to experience them to truly understand the hype that surrounds them. Personally, I was a fan of “Legend of Korra” more than predecessor,  but you have to watch the latter to get there.

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