Coordinated Care Network to launch late January 2021

The UH College of Medicine will launch the Coordinated Care network in late January 2021 as part of their Household-Centered Care program. | File photo

The UH College of Medicine will launch their Coordinated Care Network in late January 2021 as a part of their Household-Centered care program. 

In an email to the UH community, Dr. Stephan Spann mentioned that the network will make quality referrals for their Household-Centered Care program.

Spann said that the care program is a partnership with UH and the community by interprofessional teams, community health workers and community working groups to help those facing health disparities.

The program will have teams of students and faculty in nursing, medicine and social work, as well as community health workers visit the homes of those participating in the program to assess the health needs and provide services accordingly.

“This partnership will coordinate care and promote healthy choices to improve health and access to care of households facing significant health disparities,” said Spann.

The Coordinated Care Network will be established through a platform called Unite Us, a company that combines the world of medicine and social services to highlight social determinants of health in the assessment of a patient’s health.

The platform will have Household-Centered program participants to have their health and potential social service needs identified through a screening process, and then be referred to community medical care providers and social services based on those needs.

The Coordinated Care Network launch furthers the College of Medicine’s commitment to community health by broadening the opportunities for members of the Houston community that experience major health disparities.

“I believe we are making progress towards accomplishing our mission of improving the health and healthcare of the population of Greater Houston,” said Spann.

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