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Self-improvement podcasts to help with New Year’s resolutions

Here’s a round up of five podcasts to help you take care of your mental, relationship and financial health in 2021. | Gerald Sastra/ The Cougar

Your New Year’s Eve celebrations, like all holidays in 2020, likely looked different this year, and your New Year’s resolutions might look different too. 

After the unprecedented year we’ve had, the thought of coming up with and following through on New Year’s resolutions for 2021 may feel like a formidable task.

But one way to celebrate the end of the trash fire that was 2020 and the start of a fresh year is to create a few manageable goals for yourself.  

Perhaps your health is your top priority. Or if you’re tired of focusing on meals or shedding the quarantine fifteen, you may hone in on your mental health, financial health and relationship health. 

No matter what your resolutions are, there are a variety of resources available online to help you get there. Among them? Numerous self-help podcasts.

But no need to spend hours scrolling through the Apple or Spotify podcasts to find what to listen to.

Here are five podcasts focused on improving health in all areas of your life to help you reach your goals in 2021:

Unlocking Us

Kicking off in March 2020, host Brené Brown draws on her two decades of experience studying emotion to delve into the human parts of who we are, from triumphs to heartbreaks. 

The University of Houston research professor focuses on exploring the topics of courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy in her work. This podcast continues unpacking these concepts in tackling the ideas, stories, experiences, books, films and music that speak to universal human experiences. 

Brown interviews a variety of high-profile guests, including former President Barack Obama and country singer Dolly Parton.

The resulting discussions of mental and relationship health explore how the pandemic has impacted experiences from connection and loneliness to shame and accountability. 

Brown Ambition

With nearly 250 episodes released over its five-year run, the show combines engaging conversation with real, relevant money topics 

Hosts and friends Tiffany Aliche, also known as the Budgetnista, and finance reporter Mandi Woodruff provide practical financial advice in their weekly episodes.

From career advice to debt payoff to making major purchases, these money-savvy ladies have answers to some of your biggest financial questions. 

Recent episodes tackle topics like paying off debt on a fixed income and saving money when funds seem tight. They also look ahead to 2021 and explain the second stimulus package Congress is currently working to approve. 

Life Kit 

This podcast from NPR is a catch-all of advice on how to get your life together in a variety of different areas. Spanning health, money, parenting and life skills, the show offers episodes for everyone, no matter what your New Year’s resolutions are. 

The program features experts across a variety of disciplines, from scientists to bakers and everyone in between, to talk about timely issues people are likely to face in their lives. 

Looking to get a jump on your New Year’s resolutions and stick to them this time? Check out their episodes on habit formation to learn about how small behavior changes can lead to big change. 

The Self Love Fix 

Debuting at the start of 2019, the program aims to help women of color explore self-love, self worth and personal development, among other topics. 

Host Beatrice Kamau gets real about the necessity of self-care and pursuing healthy relationships with clear boundaries. 

But Kamau doesn’t just help listeners to improve their present and future. She also works to help those who tune in heal from past traumas and negative experiences. 

Death, Sex and Money

The title says it all. Host Anna Sale delves into under-discussed topics that encompass the breadth of the program’s three-word title, from class to relationships to experiences with death. 

Since its launch in May 2014, the show has featured personal conversations with public figures from a variety of backgrounds, from actresses to Supreme Court justices and a cast of other interesting individuals. 

If you want to learn how to apply what you learned in 2020 to a new and improved year, check out their episodes looking back on 2020.

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