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UH College of Education ranks 7th in the nation for master’s programs

The UH College of Education ranks seventh in the country for its master's programs, according to U.S. News & World Report. | File photo/The Cougar

The UH College of Education ranks seventh in the country for its master’s programs, according to U.S. News & World Report. | File photo

The UH College of Education ranked seventh in the country for their online master’s programs, according to the 2021 U.S. News & World Report list.

Published on Jan. 26, the list showed UH ranked higher than schools such as Texas A&M University that earned No. 10 on the chart.

“Since I have arrived at UH in Fall 2017, I have known UH to consistently rank high in the U.S. News online graduate education program rankings,” said higher education program director Tiffany J. Davis.

“I believe I speak for other faculty and staff in our college when I say that our commitment to high quality is reflected in these rankings.”  

Some students in the program felt the pride of their curriculum ranking so high, acknowledging the program having both residential and online formats that allow students to engage with a set of faculty, according to higher education graduate student Josie Adney.  

“I couldn’t agree more with the ranking, something that distinguishes our program is it’s partnership with the residential program,” Adney said. “Many online programs in higher education rely solely on adjuncts or have little-to-no ties to their college campus.”   

In order to provide one-on-one consultation on courses in the program and to enhance teaching skill, the technology and instructional design staff regularly hold training sessions and use technology tools such as video and audio for students to engage with peers, according to Davis. 

“In general, I believe that faculty are committed to making improvements based on student needs and feedback, alongside taking advantage of professional development opportunities – continuously learning, trying and revising,” Davis said 

The online graduate programs have been available for over a decade and since then, the graduation rate has risen to 93 percent.

There’s also been an increase from 20 to 31 percent of new students being sponsored by employers, according to Davis 

“I’ve already reaped some of the reward for pursuing this degree,” Adney said. “In the past two years, I have shifted my career and recently started a job advising students at a large public institution, and I’m excited to see the other ways I can apply my scholarship and academic interests in the future.” 

Due to the program being online, master’s of education in special populations alumni Arundhuti BanerjeeI said that the curriculum gave her the ability to work with her schedule and gave her a well-rounded experience along with the structured program. 

“I had the best two years of learning in the M.Ed. program in special populations,” Banerjeel said. “Additionally, I saved time on travel and could conveniently study at my own time, be that midnight or early morning, and it gave me ample flexibility to maintain a balance between studies and responsibilities of a stay-at home mom.”  

Banerjeel said that the program prepares students to comprehend the necessities of educational institutions and apply evidence-based solutions to them. 

“I am confident that I can optimally use the knowledge gained through my program to make learning better for students,” said Banerjeel.

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