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Spring Break includes less travelling for students this year

Spring break Juana Garcia/The Cougar

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

Many UH students are scaling back on traveling this Spring Break as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned against doing so to protect against COVID-19.

Spring break for UH students has been everything but normal for the second year in a row. When the pandemic started around this time last year, the CDC discouraged travel, and the same thing is happening this time around.

“I have been staying home in Dallas selling plates. This Spring Break is slightly more dead, but I know there have been a lot of people traveling, which I mean I don’t blame them as long as they’re safe about it,” said marketing junior Kameron Wilkerson.

The CDC has created a guideline page for spring break traveling, in addition to the continuous guidelines for traveling.

Some of the guidelines include getting fully vaccinated before traveling, if you are eligible, as well as getting tested one to three days before your trip, and three to five days after your trip.

If you don’t get tested, stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel, according to the CDC.

“I’m staying safe by taking my vitamins, staying away from crowds and wearing a mask when I go places,” Wilkerson said.

The College of Medicine dean Dr. Stephen Spann released a statement regarding COVID-19 testing once the break comes to an end.

“As you return from Spring Break next week, we strongly encourage you to be tested before returning to campus,” Spann said.

“In fact, we urge you to be tested any time you think you have symptoms suggestive of COVID or have been exposed to the virus — or just routinely (as often as weekly) even if you have no symptoms and have not been exposed.”

Although many students will be staying put, there are still some students who will be spending their break traveling.

“I am in Atlanta for Spring Break and I already got the first dose of the vaccine,” said exercise science-health professions senior Kymerlyn Riley.

“But this Spring Break is definitely a step back from the rest.”

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