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Hilton College receives $10 million gift, hosts virtual events

hilton college The UH Hilton hotel is upgrading from 86 rooms to 150 rooms. | Sydney Rose/The Cougar

The UH Hilton hotel is upgrading from 86 rooms to 150 rooms. | Sydney Rose/The Cougar

The UH Hilton College received $10 million as a legacy gift from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, and as the semester continues, the college has plans to celebrate.

Conrad Hilton originally donated money for the Hilton College to be built at UH as the first hospitality school in Texas over 50 years ago. Now, the legacy gift will be going towards the new generation of students attending the school.

“The gift we will use in a myriad of ways to support student success,” said Hilton College dean Dennis Reynolds.

A portion of what is coming up for the Hilton College involves their Gourmet Night, as well as hotel expansion in the future.

“We formally announced our 2021 Gourmet Night,” Reynolds said. “Early ticket sales are impressive.”

The Gourmet Night event will include a virtual dinner party and feature award-winning guest chefs. This event will have student leaders at the college arrange and plan the details for the large dinner.

Recently, the Hilton College Alumni Association and Eric’s Club delivered a mindfulness seminar featuring the college’s Brandon Lamson and the restaurant’s Sharmagne Taylor.

“The seminar provided a unique opportunity to draw strength and encouragement from fellow alumni during these difficult times,” Reynolds said.

Part of the plans for hotel expansion includes upgrading the UH Hilton hotel from 86 rooms to 150 rooms, according to Houston Public Media.

Another feat of the college over the course of the semester came in the form of the Virtual Career Fair.

“We had 199 students participate, networking with 19 companies,” Reynolds said.

“Given that we had to change the date at the last minute, owing to the storm and the craziness that still lingers, the results are very positive.”

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