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Moody Towers will not be a housing option Fall 2021

Moody Towers will remain open if demands for on-campus housing for the fall is needed, according to Yackley. | Sydney Rose/The Cougar

Moody Towers will remain open if demands for on-campus housing for the fall is needed, according to Don Yackley. | Sydney Rose/The Cougar

As students prepare for the upcoming semester and chose where on-campus they may live, Moody Towers is currently not an option for student housing come Fall 2021.

Due to the pandemic impacting students residency,  housing decided to assess the number of future students living on campus and plan to make a decision next month on the fate of Moody Towers. 

“We are currently evaluating the number of students who wish to live on campus in the fall so we can make informed decisions in the best interest of residential students and the Student Housing & Residential Life department,” said assistant vice president for student affairs Don Yackley.

“We hope to make a determination concerning Moody Towers in April,” Yackley added.

Moody will remain open if demands for on-campus housing for the fall is needed, according to Yackley.

“I feel very sad about Moody housing not being an option because I really appreciate the age of the building and the beautiful view I get from living on the 17th floor, not to mention the friend’s I’ve made having been from Moody,” said chemistry sophomore Valeria Stevens. 

Although some students wish to remain at Moody Towers, there are others such as biology junior Yusuf Khan who believe it is time Moody closes down due to age among other issues facing the building. 

“It’s a really old building, like I think it’s normal for the University to close it because of how old it is. People have a lot of complaints about this building and it has a roach problem,” Khan said “It’s a good cheap housing option, but they can do better, so I don’t care if they tear it down.” 

Additionally, students like Stevens believe that if Moody were to close this would give housing the opportunity to remodel the building, but eventually lead to a reopening.

One concern students like mathematics junior Liliana Cruz has if Moody is shut down is pricing with the other dorms. Cruz worries removing Moody could affect her ability to live on campus. 

“Pricing will definitely be a problem,” Cruz said. “Looking through the other options, it is literally a 4k difference. Majority of the individuals that stay here’s main component is economical. I cannot pay for the other dorms.”

Moody Towers was partially closed for the current Spring 2021 semester, just leaving the North tower available for students. However, neither tower being open is a consideration.

“It will affect me and my studies heavily,” Cruz continued. “At home, I do not have a school friendly environment. It’s to the point that I honestly do not really know what I would do.” 

At this time housing applications are available and applications can be canceled without charge through April 30. 

“I think Moody needs to be given a whole extra school year,” Cruz said. “The year has already not been easy and suddenly not being able to live in the dorms because the other ones are too expensive is an inconsiderable thing to do.”  

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