UH Dining should continue to-go option next semester

UH Dining should continue their food to go option next semester

Juana Garcia/ The Cougar

Just like during the pandemic, UH Dining should continue to allow students to get their food to go next semester. 

Many things are going back to normal for the fall semester at UH with event capacities growing and masks going away. It was recently announced Moody Towers Dining Commons will open again next semester.

However, one thing that should go back to the way it was during the pandemic is the dining hall’s takeout policy. 

Normally, the University’s dining halls only allow students to eat in the building. Students can’t bring their own containers to put their food in, nor does UH Dining provide containers. This all changed during the pandemic. In order to lessen the number of people in the building at once, the dining halls provided students with the option of to-go containers.  

This may change back for the upcoming semester but it really shouldn’t.

UH Dining Services should allow students the choice of staying in or eating wherever they want. Even if the dining hall doesn’t want to provide takeout containers, it should allow students to take their own. 

Students are often busy, taking lots of classes and working jobs at the same time. Sometimes they don’t have time to have a sit-down meal.

Because students in a hurry and on the go they will often turn to fast food alternatives at the Student Centers for their quick dinners. This can cost money and eating at the dining hall is free to students with meal plans.

Students should be able to go to the dining hall while also getting their food in a hurry. This will save students money.

Another major reason the dining halls should allow students to take their food to go is the dining hall can be overstimulating at times. The dining halls have bright lights and are often loud with the clamor of silverware, plates and chatter. 

“The dining hall can be really loud at times and sometimes I just want to go to my dorm to eat in peace and quiet,” said civil engineering graduate Gilbert Badillo. “I lived on campus during the pandemic and before and I preferred having the choice to eat wherever I wanted. It made me want to use the dining hall more rather than just get fast food.” 

Students don’t just want to eat in their dorms, but elsewhere. UH has a beautiful campus and during nice weather, it can be nice to have a meal at a picnic table. But that’s not normally possible if the meal came from the dining hall. In order to encourage students to enjoy the outdoors, the dining hall should allow food to go.

In order to let students get meals in a hurry, save money and eat wherever they want, the dining halls should allow students to get their food to go next semester. 

Anna Baker is an English senior who can be reached at [email protected]

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