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Off-campus study spots students find in Houston

off-campus study spots

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As the semester approaches soon, the environment in which students choose to complete their work can play a crucial role in the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of their studying. 

Here is a list of off-campus study locations around the Houston area designed to fit the needs of different learners attending UH.

Quiet spots

For students who require an extremely quiet environment with little to no disturbances, they can look forward to checking out a variety of the Houston Public Libraries. 

The Jungman Neighborhood Library, located on Westheimer Road, is a great place for this sort of atmosphere. This library has more of a modern look due to its recent renovation. With large glass panel windows extending from the ceiling to the floor, natural light shines through giving the place a welcoming and motivating feeling. 

The library has a series of available computers to use, printers and free Wi-Fi. There is minimal noise, secluded areas and a wide variety of comfortable seating.

Coffee shops

On the other hand, students who love loud and noisy areas full of commotion can visit coffee shops and cafes. 

For example, a highly recommended choice is Mercantile Montrose located off-campus on Stanford. Mercantile is always bustling with incoming students and customers, giving it a great ambiance and an overall positive vibe. With a variety of seating ranging from outdoor to large community tables for group studying sessions, Mercantile has it all.

Take a study break and enjoy their highly recommended beverages and pastries as you sit on the wooden swing and clear your mind. For a light studying session, you can always enjoy the live music and events or just have a quiet evening of people watching.

Typically, the store is somewhat busy during weekdays, providing a great balance of noise and quiet. Most stores have cafes such as Starbucks which can be great places for snacks and drinks.


Lastly, while all these locations have their benefits, nothing beats the outdoors for a relaxing, but productive day. The benefits of studying outdoors or in parks are innumerable and can include improved calmness, mental clarity, increased natural energy, relaxation and boosted problem-solving.

According to a recent Houston Lifestyle article, one of the most popular parks to visit is Discovery Green. Spread out on the vibrant green grass or take a seat under a group of tall sturdy trees. This park offers free Wi-Fi, shady areas, public art, a variety of seating and large landscapes of green space. 

After a productive day of work, take a break and enjoy the host of numerous programs and activities. This includes relaxing free yoga classes that are offered on Tuesday and Saturday!

Unlike last year with the strict quarantine limitations, use this year as an opportunity to explore thrilling or relaxing off-campus places to make studying more enjoyable and less of a chore for you. The environment you place yourself in can heavily impact your mood and outlook.

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