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UH backtracking fall opening plans, giving instructors option to ‘modify’ classes in first weeks

UH officials are backtracking on fall reopening plans, by giving instructors the opportunity to modify their teaching options during the first weeks of school. 

“As you know, the current public health conditions in the Greater Houston area now require that we reassess how we begin our semester instructional operations to respond to these new challenges,” said University Provost Paula Myrick Short in an email to students.

As a result, the University will give faculty the option to continue face-to-face classes in a way of their choosing to reduce class sizes while monitoring current public health conditions.

If instructors are comfortable with their current class density, they may chose to continue as initially planned. 

“If your instructor does modify attendance policies to reduce class density, the class content and materials covered during in person class sessions will be easily available to those students not present in the face-to-face classroom,” Short added. 

Whatever changes instructors plan to make should not affect your current class schedule.

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