Students need to think of long-term health now

Students need to think of their long term health now

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College students should start considering their long-term health. If they want a better quality of life, in the long run, they need to start taking care of themselves now. 

Students can sometimes take their health for granted, especially with hectic schedules. As a result, they tend to put their health on the back burner and prioritize other things like school and social life. 

This can allow some health issues to go unnoticed only for them to get worse in the future. It’s time for college students to start thinking about their long-term health.

Now that the University has in-person classes again, students should try to have at least one in-person class a week if possible. This will allow them to have a scheduled time to walk around on campus and get their steps in.

For those who prefer exercising in an air-conditioned building, there’s always the Campus Recreation. It has many different amenities, including a wide variety of workout equipment, a basketball court, a swimming pool and a track.

‘You are what you eat is a common expression that has some truth to it. What you eat matters and you have to respect your body as well as what you put into it.

Students should try to have at least one fruit and one vegetable with every meal. This is a great way to slowly introduce healthy eating habits into a diet if someone doesn’t usually eat healthily. The rec center also has nutritionists students can ask for help with dietary needs.

Hydrating properly is equally important as eating the right foods, especially during the hot months in Houston. If you don’t enjoy the taste of plain water, you can add some sea salt and lemon juice. There’s also water flavoring you can buy in stores.

Mental health is important too. Mental health has a way of manifesting itself in people’s bodies. That’s why when someone is stressed or anxious they might see changes in their appetite or appearance.

The best way to combat these issues is by having a reliable support system. That can mean having a heart-to-heart with a friend or calling home. 

In some cases, neither of those options is ideal. In which case, there are Counseling and Psychological Services here at the University if you prefer to talk to a therapist.

One of the most important things that tie mental and physical health together is sleep. 

Having enough sleep can drastically improve your physical health and increase your level of energy exponentially. Studies also show regular sleep can help prevent mental health issues like depression.

The typical hours of sleep per night required for adults is seven or more hours. But, this isn’t always possible for busy college students. In that case, try to rest a little longer on the weekends to make up for lost sleep. 

Don’t consistently pull all-nighters either. All-nighters can have some damaging effects on the immune system and overall health.

Your health is one of the most important things in life. Even with a busy schedule, college students need to take the time to take care of themselves, so they can work towards long-term health. 

Natasha Biswas is a biology sophomore who can be reached at [email protected]

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