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SGA President facing potential recall

The Student Government Association Senate will be voting on a potential recall of its president on Wednesday evening.

In an email sent to SGA chamber members and subscribers to the Listserv, the Speaker of the Senate sent “Resolution of Recall,” detailing the process of recalling its highest elected officer, Arsalan Darbin. 

The Student Government constitution outlines the process in Article VII, Section 7.02, Clause 2. An elected official can initiate a recall election if two-thirds of the Senate approves of an election. 

The resolution was authored by Senator Abraham Sanchez, and co-authored by nine other senators. 

Some of the reasons for the basis of the recall, according to the resolution, include alleged unprofessional conduct, failure to perform his duties and responsibilities and creating a hostile work environment since the start of his administration.

The recall vote will take place during the biweekly SGA Senate meeting.

The student body vote will take place between 10-15 days of the meeting. If the majority of students vote in favor of the recall, then Vice President Maryam Alghafir will take his place. 

“I’m disheartened that a group of Senators have brought forth a resolution to vote for a recall election of myself,” Darbin said. “While I’m unable to speak on the feeling that led those senators to this decision, I can say that the allegations against me are not rooted in truth.”

Darbin continued to discuss how the recall could impact SGA.

“Regardless of its motivations, this recall does exactly what it accuses me of doing: damaging the reputation of the SGA and threatening the credibility of this institution,” Darbin said. “I’m hopeful that this conflict will be a learning moment for the organization and the student body to emerge stronger.”

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This story has been updated to include quotes from Arsalan Darbin.

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