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October marks Adopt-a-Dog month

Dog shelters have services to pair you with dogs that are a match for you and your lifestyle. | Atirikta Kumar/The Cougar

Among other causes, October recognizes national Adopt-A-Dog from a shelter month. 

This month brings awareness to the three to four million dogs that are fostered in shelters each year, and organizations like Friends for Live are doing just that.

Friends for Life is an adoption shelter in Houston that strives to match their animals who are looking for a forever home with compatible owners.

“Once folx get really clear on what they’re looking for in an animal, it can be simple to find that and match them successfully,” said Friends for Life communications lead Jennifer Hopkins. “At Friends for Life, we take a lot of time to really get to know the animals—their personalities, their likes and dislikes, their behaviors—and all of that gives us a better understanding of the forever home that will be best for them.”

Hopkins reports that their adoption program typically holds 80 to 90 dogs at a time, although not all dogs are available for adoption right away. Friends for Life receives dogs that are troubled with medical and behavioral issues where they take the extra steps to ensure they’re comfortable and their wellbeing is on track.

“Processes like sleepovers-a week-long trial period we do for all animals- also help adopters know if that animal is going to be a good fit for their specific home and lifestyle,” Hopkins said. “If it doesn’t work out with that animal, the sleepover allows the adopter to bring that animal back and to try with another one.”

Volunteering opportunities can range from being a certified behavior trainer to providing a helping hand at a shelter.

Also, virtually sponsoring shelters by sharing their animal profiles on social media is another possible way to bring attention to dogs that are ready for adoption.

“The easiest way to get involved is to spread the word,” Hopkins said. “You never know if someone you know might make an amazing, life-long connection with one of the adoptable dogs looking for a home.”

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