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HPE Data Science Institute launches new course, lab

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At the fall semester’s Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Science Institute Town Hall meeting, attendees were able to learn more about the institute’s facilities, projects and the upcoming plans for this school year.

Taking place virtually this year due to COVID-19, director of the HPE Data Science Institute Claudia Neuhauser recapped their most recent achievements. Some of these achievements include a new data visualization lab and a micro-credential program.

The data visualization lab is intended to be flexible, which allows for students to change the layout to best fit their needs. The lab includes a podium, many rolling chairs and multiple displays across the walls.

“We have a mix of displays there and the furniture is very movable, and it was designed to be used for workshops, for research, so looking into the future, we want to get this room utilized,” said Associate Director of HPE Data Science Institute Martin Huarte-Espinosa.

The micro-credential program is free to current UH students, faculty and staff. Upon completion of the four data science courses, all users will receive a virtual badge that can be displayed on their LinkedIn profiles and other websites. 

Since “Principles of Data Management” was introduced three semesters ago, no one has yet to earn the complete micro-credential badge, but Huarte-Espinosa predicts that will change by the end of the spring semester.

Home to over a hundred research groups, the HPE Data Science Institute now hosts a webinar every week after slowly beginning to implement them a year and a half ago. Receiving a new supercomputer approximately every four years, the newest was covered in last year’s town hall meeting.

“The idea is to keep our members and our users and anyone in the University who is interested up to date, but really more the objective is to get feedback from them,” Espinosa said. “That’s why we call it the town hall because we expect people to come in and express their opinions.”

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