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Home decor ideas for Halloween, fall season

With fall colors and pumpkin decor, you can make your home look ready for Halloween in no time. | Sydney Rose/The Cougar

As fall comes into full swing, decorating your college residence hall to match the vibes of Halloween and the autumn season is a must.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate your dorm to fit the spooky aesthetic for October, while still following a college student budget.


Even if you aren’t a big Halloween person, pumpkins are universally fall-themed, whether the gourd has a face carved into it or not.

Many stores have options for pumpkin centerpieces, wall decor or even pumpkin-shaped pillows to leave on your couch or bed. The best part? These pumpkin accessories don’t have to fall under the traditional Halloween color scheme. Even if the pumpkin is pastel, it is still on theme for the season.

Target has many options for pumpkin items including lights, candles and plastic pumpkins of all different colors. Some of the decorations included have fun sayings on them fitting the Halloween theme even more.

Fall colors

When you think of Halloween or the autumn seasonal colors, the first thought is orange and black. Even if some items are your regular household decor, if the objects come in these colors, it is still on theme.

Some essentials that could be good for a dorm room when people are over include coasters and water glasses. These items are for everyday use, but getting these in orange, black or white can immediately turn them to fall decor.

For a more autumn angle, sticking to orange, red or brown tones can spice up any dorm room for the season. If it fits your budget, try adding a rug or curtains in those colors to set the tone.

Wall decor and lighting

With the Halloween season ongoing, students have an excuse to cover their plain colored walls with posters or signs.

College students on a budget can never go wrong with a trip to the nearest dollar store to decorate with on-season items. Even if there aren’t traditional signs that read ‘trick or treat’, crafting your own sign to hang up with materials from there is always an option.

Picking up some spooky-themed string lights to hang up or getting a light source that casts an orange glow could be a fun way to spruce up the space at night.

Traditionally, candles could offer a source of light, but as many residence hall rooms don’t allow open flames, battery-powered lights or candles can be the way to go.

If you are still looking for something fall-scented without needing to light a candle, stores such as Walmart or Marshalls have scented beads. To really spice things up, throw the beads in a glass bowl as it makes a nice centerpiece for the room while making it smell nice.

There are many fall options for decorations, it is all in the matter of going out to find them.

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