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‘I can not continue to sacrifice my integrity’: SGA Attorney General takes leave of absence

The SGA Senate Chamber is where the organization meets every other Wednesday. | Haya Panjwani/The Cougar

The Student Government Association’s Attorney General Nadiia Hutcherson is taking a leave of absence beginning later this week, saying her presence will conflict with an internal complaint investigation against the entire administration.

In an email to the SGA Cabinet and its senators, Hutcherson announced that she has submitted an internal review of incidents to the Judiciary Branch and Department of Justice. The complaint has not been made public yet. 

“Over the last two months, and most exceptionally the last few weeks, I have been unable to do my job outlined in our Governing Documents without reproach, flagrant attacks of my character, or just general prepubescent disrespect,” Hutcherson wrote in the email. “I have found myself in a concerning number of situations where I am unable to address those who threaten my role within this organization with histrionic performances.”

Earlier this week, a response to a complaint by SGA vice president Maryam Alghafir, threatened legal action against the creator of a site called – a form of campaigning against the recall election. Campaigning is against the recall special election code. 

Hutcherson provided a statement on her leave of absence to The Cougar. 

“As the only Black woman in leadership within this organization, and only one of less than 10 overall, I can not continue to sacrifice my integrity and well being by being silent for an organization that does not value me,” Hutcherson said in her statement. 

She added, “I have continuously been gaslighted to believe I am always wrong. If I react, I am immediately chastised due to a higher standard of behavior than those around me.”

Hutcherson will take her leave once the recall election against President Arsalan Darbin concludes on Wednesday.

“It is my hope that the investigation into this administration can provide me with some sense of clarity that I am not the only one who is noticing what is happening,” Hutcherson wrote. “Even if the evidence shows I am at fault, which I strongly doubt it will, I can have some peace in knowing that someone other than myself has finally acknowledged my experience here.”

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Correction: A previous version of this story did not include the basis for Hutcherson’s leave of absence. Phrasing around VP Alghafir’s complaint has also been edited to reflect her response to a complaint. 

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