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HPD: chase ends near UH campus; negotiations with armed suspect ongoing

A Houston Police car chase has led to a stand-off between an HPD suspect and police behind Pink’s Pizza and Azza Cafe. The suspect is now in police custody.

Part of Calhoun Road and Spur 5 have been shut down as a result, with UHPD on the scene and student bystanders watching the altercation. 

A domestic violence case from earlier this morning developed into a car chase, according to HPD in a press conference. The armed suspect’s vehicle was disabled and stopped near campus. He was threatening violence towards HPD and a negotiation with their SWAT commanders began.

“Officers knew he was armed with a weapon so they just held what they had and tried to establish communications and requested additional resources,” said Commander Megan Howard, director of technical operations at HPD.

Law enforcement was able to deescalate the situation, recover a weapon and took him into custody.

“When UHPD became aware of this off-campus incident we retweeted HPD as they were the best source of information,” said UHPD Capt. Bret Collier. “When we saw that a road closure was affecting traffic to and from a portion of campus, we sent out an informational email message to advise the community to avoid the area. There was never any threat to the campus that would have required an emergency alert.”

More information will be added as the case continues to develop.

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