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Recall concludes, students still oblivious

SGA special election

The special election voting comes to an end Oct. 27 for SGA Resolution to Recall. | Haya Panjwani/The Cougar

As the Student Government Association’s special recall election comes to a close, students on campus are still bewildered. 

Student confusion was around what they were supposed to vote on while some did not even know there was an election going on. 

“I’ve tried to ask people in SGA what the deal is, and no one seems to know,” said finance freshman Sarah Grace Kimberly. “I also don’t know, and I just don’t think it’s interesting.”

The special election came as a result of a Resolution to Recall the current SGA President Arsalan Darbin. 

Since this is a special election, Attorney General Nadiia Hutcherson outlined a new special election code, which prohibited SGA senators from campaigning for or against the election. 

“I don’t know anything about it, so I’m not gonna vote unless someone mentioned something,” Kimberly said.

Students like history sophomore Eliza Gomez echoed these sentiments. 

“I know something is happening, I don’t know exactly what it is,” Gomez said. “I just haven’t had time to do any research.”

The legislative branch of SGA attempted to amend the campaigning measure, but since the justice department deemed it unconstitutional, there were suspensions for passing the amendment.

Retail and consumer science junior Jurnee Etienne hadn’t even heard of a recall election happening at the University. 

“I know absolutely nothing and (they) haven’t been advertising about it,” Etienne said. “’I’m going to hope that, you know, they’re the voice for the students as a whole and they know what they’re doing.” 

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