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Food trucks available around campus

food trucks

Food trucks on campus give students a wide range of food options to chose from. | File photo

If you feel like you’ve already exhausted all food options on campus, be sure to visit some food trucks on campus.  It’s perfect for days when you’re in a rush, want a bigger serving, or are just looking to try more of what Houston has to offer.


If you’re in the mood for creative grilled dishes, be sure to check out Sizzles.  They are well known for their specialty burgers, fries and sides with a wide variety of toppings. 

Waffle bus

Having created award-winning dishes for nearly 10 years, Waffle Bus is a must-try.  They are best known for their unique sweet and savory chicken and waffle sandwiches. Find them by the satellite Monday through Friday.


If you’ve ever wanted to try poutine-style fries along with Tex-Mex-inspired flavors including tacos and rice bowls, be sure to check out D’Lish.  They have a large menu and take inspiration from a variety of cultures. You should be able to find them in the technology annex.

Miss Patty’s Wagon

Try Miss Patty’s Wagon if you’re on the lookout for flavorful comfort food. They are best known for their cajun-style cheeseburgers, po-boys, shrimp and catfish.  They are open Tuesdays and Thursdays at UH Sugar Land.

Seoulside Wings

If you’re in the mood for signature Korean chicken wings, try Seoulside Wings.  They have a variety of sauces to choose from including Korean sauce, honey butter, lemon pepper and many others.  They will be on campus Monday through Wednesday.

Tandoori Nite

If you’re looking for classic South Asian food, check out Tandoori Nite.  They offer vegan options as well as Zabiha Halal meat.  You can find them near the satellite Monday through Friday.

Happy Endings

If you don’t mind trying something new, Happy Endings makes really unique Chinese fusion dishes.  Be sure to try their beef hot dogs with wasabi mayo, or their shrimp tempura tacos.  Find them near the Student Centers on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


This is a less known food truck with delicious Venzuelan food.  Some of their popular dishes include empanadas, arepas, cachapas and more.  It’s also great if you’re on the lookout for vegan or vegetarian food options.  You can find them this Tuesday and Thursday at the Student Centers.

Tu-go Kitchen

Another great option for Chinese cuisine is Tu-Go kitchen.  Some of their popular dishes include kung pao chicken, beef and broccoli, and tofu with vegetables and more!  They will be at UH Sugar Land on Tuesday and Thursday.


For anyone looking to have classic home-cooked meals for breakfast or lunch, keep an eye out for Somteat. 

“I like that they offer vegetarian options because that can be difficult to find on campus,” said , architecture sophomore Aashrita Sadhanala “I usually like to get their vegetarian quesadillas and burritos.”


If you’re in the mood for comfort food and Asian barbecue, check out Wokker.  They claim to mix traditional southern and Asian flavors into tasty entrees such as their brisket pad Thai and their shaken beef. 

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