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Fire alarms disrupt students multiple times in the last week

fire alarms

Multiple fire alarms at M.D. Anderson Library have students concerned and annoyed as this is happening in the weeks before finals. | File photo

Multiple fire alarms and evacuations at the M.D. Anderson Library have taken place in the past week leaving some students concerned.

A faulty smoke detector in the HVAC system was the cause of the frequent fire alarms last week. This had been identified and changed, according to UH Fire Marshal Chris McDonald.

After the change, UH spokesperson Chris Stipes reported there were no subsequent alarms. That was until late this morning, where the library was evacuated and students were spread around the building.

Communications sophomore Marlene Casas was in a lecture on Zoom when the alarms sounded.

“It’s kind of annoying, this is the last class before our test so we were reviewing very important stuff,” Casas said.

Biology freshman Maria Rangel said there should be maintenance for buildings that are as high traffic as M.D. Anderson Library.

“It’s just a big waste of time, I’m trying to get work done,” Rangel said. “Especially in a building such as this that everyone uses, I don’t see how that’s a problem that can just keep happening.”

After an investigation  by the  UH Facilities and Construction Management crews, it was found that the latest fire alarm was unrelated to the previous alarms caused by the faulty smoke detector that has since been replaced, according to Stipes.

The latest alarm was instead caused by dust from the ongoing construction project at the library.

“During hours of construction, the fire alarm system will be adjusted to prevent accidental alarms in the affected area,” said Stipes. “Additionally, the affected area will be patrolled by a fire watch.”

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