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AIMM program to help marginalized males succeed at UH


Students walking on campus near M.D. Anderson Library. | Christopher Goodwin/The Cougar

The Achievement Initiative for Marginalized Males is an organization within the Center for Diversity and Inclusion aimed at helping Hispanic and Black male communities at the University.

The AIMM organization provides academic assistance and leadership workshops to its participants. 

“The purpose of the organization is to improve the quality of life on campus for black, Hispanic or Latinx males,” instructional assistant for CDI Shante Fossie said.

One of Fossie’s favorite parts of AIMM is organizing and connecting with the group of scholars. She said students can apply for the entire school year to join the organization, but new members are included in the fall semester.  

People of color should feel comfortable in college, and to achieve this, the faculty must make them feel that their success is important to them and the community, according to CDI.

“Each year the unique members of the program bring a different flavor and I love how the program adapts to the needs of the men in the group,” said CDI assistant director Michael Crook. “Some years, the men are super casual and joke all the time, needing a little more structure.”

AIMM provides its members the opportunity to interact with various groups within the campus as well as helps them create strong ties with the faculty, Fossie said. AIMM currently has five students participating.

“We also provide educational and social programming as advisers,” Fossie said. “Racial trauma, financial literacy, resume workshops are some of the things that we encompass for students. It is a program that is improving as we go.”

Former member of AIMM Andres L. Stubbs said the learning sessions provided him with a lot of knowledge about youth in college life.

“Since joining AIMM I have been able to put more focus on my schoolwork and connect with other individuals who are invested into their communities,” Stubbs said. 

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