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‘A Different Christmas’ combines R&B, holiday spirit

A Different Christmas

Gerald Sastra/The Cougar

Just in time for the cozy holiday season, singer and rapper Bryson Tiller released his fourth studio album with a festive twist, “A Different Christmas” in mid-November.

This modern and soulful album includes seven tracks that are meant to stay true to the holiday theme through its lyrics while using 808s making it a “different Christmas.”

Four songs include features with Justin Bieber, Kiana Ledé, Poo Bear, Tayla Parx and a wholesome track with his 8-year-old daughter Halo.

Songs like “be mine this christmas,” “lonely christmas” and “presents” have the chance to be a nice R&B song even after the holidays. The lyrics are timeless and embody multiple aesthetics depending on the occasion.

“Be mine this christmas” is the album’s first song which opens up with a familiar holiday melody that immediately transitions into Tiller’s typical flow and beats. Though most of the tracks have great qualities, I can see how some would find that it’s missing that warm Christmas feeling compared to other holiday albums.

Some of the tracks lack the nostalgic feel that brings a holiday album to life, however, I find that the lyrics make up for that by holding onto the cliche Christmas wordplays.

While the album is hit or miss for some, the unique sounds that each song has should be acknowledged. The vocals along with the other features blend harmoniously such as “ain’t a lonely christmas song” where Parx and Tiller create an alluring sound. 

The final song on the album, “winter wonderland” featuring his daughter Halo, gives homage to the well-known Christmas classics making the track lighthearted and family-friendly.

Overall “A Different Christmas” is a feel-good album that endures Tiller’s artistry while capturing the holiday spirit.

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