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Fans theorize ahead of the release of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’


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The young, people’s superhero from Brooklyn is once again going to be on the big screen in “Spider-Man: No way home”. 

The anticipated Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jacob Batalon among others will hit the theaters later this week on Dec. 17.

On the big screen, there have been three adaptations of Spider-Man. Sony, who has owned Spider-Man rights created two franchises, and in 2017 Sony and Marvel joined forces and finally introduced Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The third and most recent is Jon Watts’s Spider-Man, which stars Tom Holland as the wall-crawler. Holland’s Spider-Man was first introduced in 2017 in “Captain America: Civil War.” He then went on to appear in “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Avengers: Endgame” as well as starring in the first two installments of Spider-Man’s own film trilogy, with the third and final releasing this Friday. 

Unlike the other Spider-Mans, Holland’s web-slinger is an Avenger, who had a close relationship with Tony Stark, or Iron Man. Being introduced in the MCU, this particular version of the Spider-Man has been through space and fought against Thanos, and is arguably the reason why the universe was saved in Endgame. 

In “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, Peter Parker has to deal with his secret identity being revealed by Mysterio. In order to protect his family and friends he, along with Dr. Strange, cast a spell that tries to make everyone forget about his secret identity. However, the spell doesn’t go as planned, and we see villains from the previous Spider-Man franchises making an appearance. Hence, introducing the multiverse to the MCU.  

In “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, the audience sees five familiar villainous faces. Green Goblin played by Willem Dafoe, Dr. Otto Octavius played by Alfred Molina, and Sandman played by Thomas Haden are the returning foes Maguire’s Spider-Man faced. The foes Garfield’s Spider-Man faced, Dr. Curt Connors played by Rhys Ifans and Electro portrayed by ​​Jamie Foxx, will be making a comeback. 

There are rumors of the sinister six appearing in the latest installment in the trilogy. The confirmed appearance of the sinister five raises questions of the possibility of the sinister six finally being on the big screen. 

With familiar faces retiring from other earths, there are multiple fan theories that Garfield and Maguire will also be reprising their roles as the different versions of  Parker in the movie. However, Garfield has denied being in the movie on various occasions. 

One of the most speculated fan theories is that Garfield’s Spider-Man will be the one to save MJ, who is seen falling in the trailer, as he was not able to save his Gwen Stacy. 

Another popular theory is Charlie Cox’s Daredevil returning as Parker’s lawyer in the movie. 

Although this is the end of the trilogy, this will not be the final time Holland will be seen as the web-slinger as he’s set to appear in another Spider-Man trilogy and will continue to stay with Marvel. 

After a long road to the theaters, fans are waiting to finally see the final installment of the trilogy and find out if they are right or wrong about the various theories. 

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