Alpha male influencers should be ignored

Alpha male influencers should be ignored

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The concept of the alpha male in wolves has been disproven by its own researcher but nevertheless in the fringes of the internet there are supporters who have kept this belief going. Because alpha male influencers are sexist and misleading to their viewers, they should be completely rejected and not taken seriously.

The idea of the alpha male has been well known, but a big portion of its meaning today comes from YouTubers who claim to be alphas, making videos to teach other men to be alphas.

These influencers promise the viewers that they too can become successful in life and with women through various means with careful learning, which includes mental health, fashion, grooming and more.

On the surface, this seems like an honest endeavor to improve lives. But below the surface, these influencers believe that these improvements of health and fashion are just to attract women in order control them.

The audience does not only buy into the belief but must also buy the products their influencers advertise. From grooming supplies, to fragrances, shirts, supplements and more, It’s all a way for the creator to make more money off of their audience while seeming like they help them improve their lives. 

However, alpha male advice doesn’t help viewers improve lives. Rather, it just pushes this idea that women are objects for men to chase and control. Women are reduced into an object to be studied and coerced for the benefit of a man.

A quick look through an alpha male influencer’s videos reveals that some of their videos involve making a woman form a favorable opinion towards a man.

A look at another influencer reveals that their videos aim to dissect the way the modern woman thinks and functions. It objectifies women, treating them as mysterious objects rather than actual people. Additionally, some of these famous alpha influencers also believe that feminism is to blame for any and all problems men may face.

Teaching young boys to objectify women doesn’t help with establishing long lasting or meaningful relationships with them. It doesn’t help them be successful with women but because the alpha ideology blames feminism for when it fails, it just leads to more misogyny. 

The alpha concept is thankfully often taken lightly and is more so accepted to be a joke.  From tweets to meme compilations, the alpha male has become a joke. 

This form of thinking has been relegated to the fringes of the internet but unfortunately not enough. One alpha influencer has over three million subscribers while another has over six million.

Obviously, there is no shortage of misogyny in this world and the alpha male online culture fuels it. Because of its horrible sexist advice and tendency to scam viewers, the alpha male culture online should be completely rejected and ignored.

Christopher Hernandez is an English senior who can be reached at [email protected]

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