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UH College Republicans brace for governor race

Governor race

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

Texans will pick a new governor this year in November, but before that, a primary race in March will determine which candidate will represent each party. 

Republicans have eight state politicians running for the seat, which means organizations like the College Republicans at UH are hoping to educate students on each candidate and their platforms. 

“We plan to hold seminars to explain the platforms and points made by every candidate. We plan to also help others register to vote,” said UHCR president Elliot Carter. “After the primaries, we will also be holding community events.”

Three candidates in particular are shown to be healthy contenders in this race; incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott, Don Huffines and Allen West. UHCR believes that based on fundraising numbers, Abbott holds the lead. 

“To put into perspective how far (ahead) Gov. Abbott is, here are the overall fundraising numbers: Abbott has raised $65 million, Huffines has raised $12 million and Allen West has not released his overall fundraising numbers,” Carter said.

Even though he holds the lead, UHCR doesn’t support Abbott off the bat. 

“We as an organization do not officially support any primary candidate,” Carter said. “But will fully support the candidate that wins the primary.”

That said, UHCR’s still see up and coming Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke as a heavy threat in this race for the highest political seat in the state. 

“With the threat of Robert Francis O’Rourke on the horizon, the Republican candidate for the gubernatorial race must commit their all to fight off the left’s attempts at destroying Texan’s way of life,” Carter said. “The worst thing for Texas right now is to have O’Rourke as our leader, with policies unfavorable to our second amendment, an unborn child’s right to life, and harm to our natural resources that have been the pinnacle of the Texas economy for decades.”

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