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M.D. Anderson Library recording studio temporarily closed

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The M.D. Anderson Library recording studio remains temporarily closed. | James Schillinger/The Cougar

The M.D. Anderson Library recording studio was closed last semester and will continue to remain that way for the rest of the spring semester. 

The library closed the studio to streamline processes, according to UH spokesperson Chris Stipes.

“UH Libraries has temporarily closed its recording studio as they streamline processes for the benefit of the creative campus community,” Stipes said. “We apologize for the disruption to this service and are actively working on a resolution.”

As a result of the closure, liberal studies sophomore Teshiria Spelmon started the petition and has so far garnered around 120 signatures. Spelmon is an artist as well as a student, and has limited access to recording equipment, so the studio was helpful for her. 

“The studio was like a huge use for me back in the beginning of the semester,” Spelmon said. “It’s very convenient because if I wanted to go to the studio, I’d have to go all the way back home to Fort Worth or wait for my uncle to come all the way to Houston so he could take me to his studio. So I was (thinking) this is like a huge convenience for me to use on campus.”

Spelmon recently discovered she loves creating pop music, but hasn’t switched to becoming a music major just yet. That means, for now, she uses the resources that the school has to offer, or used to when the recording studio was open for students. 

“It’s honestly such a good resource for students and for people who make music like me,” Spelmon said. “I just want to get back to making music.”

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