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Timeline on the expectations of graduate school

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The University’s graduate school houses over 150 masters, doctoral and professional degrees alongside opportunities for students finding career success.

For those about to proceed with the graduate school application process, here is a timeline of what to expect.

First Steps

Once a student has completed their application in the admissions portal, alongside the fee, the next step is connecting with the program of interest about test scores. 

Depending on the program, a GRE or GMAT test score would possibly be required for students. For those interested in law programs, check for an LSAT requirement.

Once students are done acing tests and programs are making the acceptance of the students, there are many expectations of how courses are laid out and timed.

What to expect 

Students share that classes in graduate school are usually during the evening to accommodate many of the student schedules. Typically, many grad students will take courses during the evening to allow flexibility during the day for jobs outside of school. 

The University grad program designed its class frequency for once a week where most classes are three hours long to ensure course material is covered while still making it easier for other responsibilities. 

A typical week for a graduate student in terms of courses would include one or two classes in the evening after 5 p.m. and possibly a couple of classes in the morning or afternoon depending on the graduate program. 

Difference from undergrad

For full-time grad students, completing a degree can take one to two years for most programs. For part-time grad students, typically three to four years. 

Academic content for graduate students will differ from undergrad. With graduate school, discussions and real-life application theories, as well as concepts, are being taught. 

The graduate programs offer numerous opportunities for students to pursue academic interests while investing in one’s careers.

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