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Student fees may increase with proposed SGA transit resolution

student fees

An SGA resolution in conjunction with UH Parking and Transportation proposes to add an extra $25 to student fees for infrastructure improvements and to freeze parking prices for two years. | Michael Slaten/The Cougar

In part with UH Parking and Transportation, the Student Government Association is working to pass a resolution in favor of implementing a required transit fee in addition to student fees.

The additional, mandatory $25 fee would be tied into extra student fees each fall and spring semesters. This additional source of revenue would go towards expanding and funding services such as Cougar Ride and Cougar Line. 

As of now, these services are fully funded by parking permits, which are only purchased by 50 percent of the student body, according to the resolution.

SGA wrote in the resolution the additional fee would not only benefit UH Parking, but students as well by stabilizing parking prices, expanding the current services available and funding infrastructural projects.

 After two years of freezing parking prices and UH Parking accumulating funds from the new fee, SGA wrote the funds could be used to reduce the parking permit price increase.

“Our goal is to be self-sustaining and be able to cover our expenses and to do so in the best way we can,” said UH administration associate vice president Emily Messa. “The last two years have been really hard and the team has done a tremendous job in terms of managing and mitigating finances so that we can do our best to keep parking and transportation affordable,” Messa said.

If the referendum passes, SGA has asked that if the transit fee increases more than 10 percent annually, or if over time it has surpassed $32, the majority of students will vote for a new referendum.

“We put this in place so that there wouldn’t be any crazy increases and so that students could have a voice again if that were to happen,” said co-author of the resolution and SGA vice president Maryam Alghafir.

Parking will also provide SGA and all students of the University with an annual report of expenses and improvements, to further ensure the extra fees are being properly allocated.

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