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SGA senate nearly spilts 2022 election results

The SGA senate election results show a senate almost split in half between ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA and Conscious Coogs. | Haya Panjwani/The Cougar

The SGA 2022 elections concluded with a senate nearly split between the two parties ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA and Conscious Coogs.

The results showed 15 senator elects from the Conscious Coogs party with seats and 18 from the ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA party.

The elections also resulted in the win of ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA presidential candidate Joshua Martin and vice presidential candidate elect Derek Layne.

Here is a breakdown on who won the senate seats for the following colleges.

Arts (1)

Jasmine Arani – Conscious Coogs 

Business (4)

Hadley Psencik – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Erik Cisneros – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Poornima Iyer – Conscious Coogs

Bre Marin – Conscious Coogs

Liberal Arts and Social Science (7)

Kayla Garcia – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Joey Cham – Conscious Coogs

Esme Ledezma – Conscious Coogs

Victor Castro – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Ashley Canright – Conscious Coogs

Atirikta Kumar – Conscious Coogs

Marie McGrew – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Education (2)

Eva Patrick – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Gabriela Hamdieh – Conscious Coogs

Engineering (3)

Timothy Healey – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Evan Buisson – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Honors (2)

Tuyen Le – Conscious Coogs

Jadyn Winsett – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Hotel and Restaurant Management (1)

Nicholar Varcados – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Law (1)

Mikel Moore – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Natural Sciences and Mathematics (4)

Mary Potestas – Conscious Coogs

Jay Viera – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Salik Faisal – Conscious Coogs

Brandon Hayes – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Technology (4)

Doug Yowell – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Undergraduate at Large (6)

Alex Westerbeck – Conscious Coogs

Zachary John Schroeder – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Allyson Campos – Conscious Coogs

Aryana Azizi – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Caitlin Beafneaux – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Nylas Nahas – ForTheStudents #ChangeSGA

Graduate at Large (4)

Barbara Lomeli – Conscious Coogs

Sandra Ortiz – Conscious Coogs

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