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Social media tips for graduating students

Cindy Muñoz/The Cougar

Upon graduation, there are still a number of students who have yet to secure a job. Below are ways for students to improve their social media as they search for a position.


Many use this platform to network, but a common mistake is not having their profile completed. Having a completed profile and including your interests and achievements are a great way to catch the eye of a future employer.


This platform may be the first social media a graduate has ever had, which is why they need to search it and find if their current values align with everything posted.

 It can be easy to forget something is posted online, which is why a good review of your account could prove to be beneficial. 

Additionally, don’t be afraid to update your followers on all your relevant life and job prospects. It could impress a future employer to see such a dedicated person. 


Be engaging. Some employers may be looking for consistency in the graduate’s hobbies or involvements depending on your job prospects.

 It never hurts to brag a little. While you don’t have to post every day, a good consistency could include monthly posts.


Share your ideas and make sure to keep them relevant. It can be easy to type out a tweet and send it out onto the internet, but it is important to think twice before posting. 

Make sure that your online presence is something that impresses future employers rather than deters them.

General Tips

Be yourself and be genuine. It can be daunting for many graduates in their job search, but many other students go through the same path. Reach out to your professors for letters of recommendation. Don’t be afraid to use connections with friends or former classmates, start a personal blog/website and make it fun. Good luck.

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