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SGA’s summer session kicks off with new bills, appointments

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

In the first meeting of the summer session, the 59th administration of the Student Government Association appointed a new auditor and discussed upcoming bills.  

The auditor, according to SGA’s website, reviews transactions and receipts, and reports to the attorney general. Both these positions fall under SGA’s Department of Justice, which is tasked with “enforcing the law, defending the interests of the Student Government Association, and ensuring the fair and impartial administration of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Student Government Association.”

The Senate appointed Tony Kehl as auditor.

When asked what qualifies him for the position, Kehl said his major has prepared him for this position, making him suitable for the student government position. 

After appointing Kehl, the Senate then moved on to discussing new legislation. SGA President Joshua Martin voiced his support for a bill put forth by the Senate that would mandate the presence of an ASL interpreter at meetings to account for students with hearing disabilities. 

“It was in the bylaws that were actually vetoed by the new administration,” he said. “I’m fully supportive of adding an ASL interpreter if that’s what the Senate wishes to do.”

In addition to adding an interpreter, Senator Isaac Benedict mentioned that updated Zoom links for meetings should be easier to find for the general public as well as SGA members. As it stands now, the Zoom code is only available to people who receive a copy of the legislative agenda emailed out before each meeting.

Concluding the first meeting of the Summer session, Senator Zachary Schroeder discussed a potential upcoming bill that is to be officially read in next week’s meeting.

The bill will determine the dress code SGA members are expected to adhere to during Senate meetings. 

“One of the things that SGA needs to work on is just kind of improving our overall image,” Schroeder said. “I think it will be a lot better look for the student body, showing that we take what we do here seriously.”

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