2022 commencement gives UH grads chance to reflect

Jiselle Santos/The Cougar

For many Cougars, the month of May can be a bittersweet ordeal. This month marks the time when many students say their final goodbyes to the University and set off into the wild, unforgiving world of adulthood.

In acknowledgement of this momentous occasion, last week the University held its commencement ceremonies. These ceremonies recognize graduates from the 2021 Fall semester and the 2022 Spring and Summer semesters.

The 2022 commencement ceremonies included 5,917 total graduates, 2,542 of which earned Latin honors. These were among some of the University’s highest numbers, said executive director of protocol and special events Tonja Jones.

Business and administration graduate Shauzab Murad looked back on how graduating with honors from UH has shaped him. Post-graduation, he plans to work as an inside sales account manager.

“UH encourages diversity and has helped me become a better human being in all aspects of life,” Murad said.  “I am looking forward to graduate summa cum laude. As an immigrant, it’s like a dream coming true for me.”

Each college had several speakers at this year’s ceremonies including students, faculty as well as prominent community leaders from Houston and around the country.

Among those who spoke at the ceremony was the president of Outback Steakhouse for the College of Hospitality, the former president of H-E-B for the College of Business and the head of Shell U.S. energy transition integration for the College of Engineering.

For economics and business management graduate Shehroz Kayani, the ceremony was not only a time to celebrate prospects for the future, but also an opportunity to appreciate past accomplishments.

“I remember dancing after opening the email of my letter of acceptance from UH,” Kayani said.  “Even though it was the beginning, I already felt I had achieved my goal, because getting into UH was already an achievement in itself.”

Kayani plans to use the knowledge he gained at UH to further his education in investment banking and financial literacy.

Human nutrition and foods graduate Tony Trabulsi also reflected fondly on his time as an undergraduate. For Trabulsi, his time at UH was defined by the work he did with organizations such as the Project Engagement Encouraging Rising Students.

“My undergraduate experience has been amazing and I am so thankful to have experienced it at UH,” Trabulsi said. “Some of my favorite memories at UH include all the nights I spent studying at M.D. Anderson library and my work with PEERS and Honors in Community Health.”

Trabulsi plans to attend a master’s program after graduation and apply to medical school in the future. Until then, he looks forward to celebrating his accomplishments at graduation.

“It is so exciting to be recognized for all the hard work my classmates and I have done in our undergraduate career!” said Trabulsi. “I’m looking forward to the joyful atmosphere and to be surrounded by all my family and friends who have supported me throughout my academics”.

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