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Hilton College renovations expand University accommodations

The Hilton on campus serves as both a functional hotel, and a learning environment.| File photo

With over 9,526 alumni working in hospitality leadership positions in more than 50 countries around the world, the Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership has continued such excellence with new renovations and the construction of new facilities. 

Currently, the Hilton University of Houston is undergoing a $30.4 million expansion and renovation that is expected to be completed in early 2023. The hotel serves both as a functioning hotel, as well as a learning environment for students enrolled in the Hilton College. 

“The original building had a massive meeting space (multiple ballrooms) but only 86 lodging rooms,” said the Dean of the Hilton College Dennis Reynolds

As a result, the current project consists of an expansion of a new five-story tower with 70 guest rooms and a renovation of existing towers. Thus allowing the college to have a total of 150 rooms, which is the ideal quantity given the banquet space.

Financing is through a revenue bond issued by the UH System that the Hilton College will repay once the project is completed through revenue generated by the hotel.

“We hope to provide a service to the University in terms of hotel rooms, dining options and large meetings,” Reynolds said. “The new tower can better serve the University and community.” 

The project will also help the college fulfill its mission statement. Specifically, the college hopes to foster an environment that includes community, innovation, collaboration, integrity and experiential learning, Reynolds explained.

Exposure to a hospitality and hotel management working environment can further students’ learning and provide an insight into future career options. In addition, students can become more engaged in the community through such active learning.

“The purpose of our Hilton Hotel is to provide a learning laboratory for our students,” Reynolds said. “The project also ensures that our students will experience the latest in hotel design, with particular emphasis on technology.”

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