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Review: Ranking best food trucks at UH

Students lined up outside Student Center North at Street Eats 2020. | File photo

Students lined up outside Student Center North at Street Eats 2020. | File photo

The dining experience at the University wouldn’t be complete without its array of food truck options on campus.

Each day lines are formed around the trucks as students, faculty and staff enjoy the on-the-go eats and various menu items. 

Deciding which truck to try can be a boggling process especially while hungry, so here is a review of the top five food trucks on campus.

Waffle Bus

Waffle Bus in first comes as no surprise as the menu houses multiple variations of the classic chicken and waffles. A sweet and savory combination is perfect during any hour of the day, and the Waffle Bus can satisfy that craving. 

Menu items include waffle sandwiches, burgers, wings, fries and plenty more. They also include sides and add-ons of your choice to personalize your Waffle Bus meal. 

For those who can’t get enough, the business has opened a couple of walk-in locations in the city that offer dine-in, takeout and catering. 

The Burger Joint

The Burger Joint is a popular choice among students. The menu offers classic burger options, veggie burgers, fiery burgers and any additional add-ons. 

Although the food truck menu doesn’t include every item from their restaurant, they ensure that each hand-crafted burger satisfies every type of customer. 


The next favorite for many is Coreanos, a food truck serving Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine. The menu items offer savory flavors and the most authentic ingredients while also being fully halal. 

Each menu item includes an array of ingredients such as beef bulgogi, kimchi, pico de gallo, quesadillas, tacos and more. They offer extras and sides such as dumplings and a fried egg that pairs well with each menu item. 


Fusion cuisines are increasingly popular which leads to the next favorite food truck, Wokker.

Wokker has a unique menu with Asian-inspired dishes with Texas roots. The menu is fairly simple compared to the other food trucks listed as there are only three items. However, a simple menu can make decision-making easier and doesn’t take away from the deliciousness of the food. 

The menu includes a few protein options like filet mignon, pork belly and brisket. If you enjoy rice and noodles along with filling side options, this truck is up that alley. 

D’Lish Curbside Bistro

Lastly, D’Lish Curbside Bistro is a gourmet food truck that has a ton of menu options. Although it specializes in Korean barbecue and steak, its menu seems to have no limit. 

Here you can enjoy Southern fried chicken, seafood, burgers, tacos,  salads, halal chicken and more.

This truck doesn’t disappoint with its variety and tasty menu items. 

Street Eats

Street Eats is a food truck festival and farmer’s market held in the spring semester where vendors and all of your favorite food trucks arrive on campus serving meals, beverages, performances, live music and more to offer. All meal tickets for any truck are available during the event for only $5.

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