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Activities to try before the school year begins

Juana Garcia/The Cougar

While summer break ending, there is no shortage of activities available for everyone to participate in to wrap up the season.


Parks are available in and around the Houston area. Pack your trunk full of snacks, grab your favorite book and invite a friend. Picnics are the premier activity for those looking to enjoy the weather for a little while longer.

You can bring various activities such as card games to enjoy while you lounge on the grass. Park paths remain available to enjoy scenic, and perhaps cool, walks throughout the day. Some parks feature their fountains and ponds so that you may enjoy the local wildlife.


The Houston Zoo is an excellent place for those looking to wind down with their favorite animals. The zoo hosts various habitats from monkeys to insects, each with its very own set of interesting facts.

Recently, a new zoo exhibit celebrating the Galapagos Islands has been under construction. The exhibit will feature various new wildlife such as penguins and Galapagos turtles. The new exhibit will be sure to attract visitors looking for exotic encounters.

UH students can visit the zoo free of cost with their Cougar Card.

Drive-in theaters

Drive-in movie theaters have become increasingly popular in recent years. Sitting back and relaxing in your vehicle while watching a blockbuster is perfect for students and families before summer ends.

Pick a spot and roll back your seat to enjoy hit movies on the big screen.

When it’s done, there‚Äôs no hassle in trying to find your parking spot. Simply turn on your car and go. Drive-in theaters are perfect for students that are always on the go but still want to enjoy some time to relax.

While parks offer up a fresh environment and zoos provide both fun and educational value, drive-in theaters provide high-quality entertainment from the comfort of your car seat. These activities are perfect for a little relaxation before the school year comes around the corner.

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