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Tips for a successful first day of school


Dylan Burkett/The Cougar

Back to school is approaching fast, and the campus is full of students and faculty making their preparations for the start of the semester. The stores are wiped clean of dorm and office essentials, and students are left wondering what more preparation is needed. There are a few methods students can use to further prepare for the new semester.


Textbooks can be the most essential part of any semester. With multiple classes lined up, textbooks can become incredibly expensive. It’s in students’ best interest to not only research prices at the campus bookstore, but websites like Amazon as well. This way students are able to make informed decisions on how to spend their money. 

Some students may be interested in a planner, whether it is bound, whiteboard, or handmade. Planners can be useful tools as the semester moves along. With planners, students can list their days hour by hour and log upcoming assignments to stay on track. 

Other students may be interested in purchasing portable chargers. Keeping your devices charged is a must for those who are out and about on campus all day long, participating in activities or studying.

Portable chargers can be purchased from most stores and remove the need to carry various charging cables in your backpack. These are perfect for students that are constantly on the go.


For students who like to keep organized, setting up daily to-do lists is a helpful way of keeping track of various classes and activities. When planning to-do lists, it’s best to list items from most important (or time consuming) to least important. This is a useful method for planning the day-to-day, but weekly to-do lists are also helpful for combatting homework assignments.

Calendars are helpful in keeping up with big dates throughout the semester. There you can list big test dates or even smaller assignment dates. They are also helpful in keeping up with scheduled appointments with an advisor or professors.

Mental preparation 

The semester comes with many exciting opportunities and challenges. It’s important for students to ensure that they create space to unwind in between assignments and activities. Students can make plans with their friends during the first week of school, and through the semester, to provide encouragement and support. Take ample time to relax and prepare as the first day of school approaches.

As summer draws to a close, back-to-school preparations are in full swing. Purchase supplies from the campus bookstore for your classroom, dorm and personal needs. There are various organizational tools that make campus life easier. There are many opportunities around campus that will create a memorable school year.

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