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Your time at the University as an undergrad can pass quickly. It can also easily get boring between core classes and requirements for your major.

UH offers a wide array of courses in an assortment of disciplines that provide not only an opportunity to experience something different but also a chance to learn skills outside of your realm of expertise.

COMM 3303 – Health literacy 

The world we live in today is one of uncertainty and change, especially as it applies to health. Though COVID-19 has refocused much of the national dialogue on our health care system, learning how to communicate effectively in a healthcare setting is still a skill many lack.

This class will give you the tools to make well-timed and informed decisions. This class is open to all juniors and above in good academic standing. 

GHL 3335 – Alcoholic beverage production

Are you a UH student of drinking age and want to learn how to make your own booze? This course just might be for you. Students will deal with the production, service, storage, processing and quality standards of beverages like wine, beer, distilled spirits and cordials.

It will give students hands-on experience with the fermentation and storage process and other applicable skills. Students who wish to enroll in this class must either be a hotel and restaurant management major or be pursuing the beverage management and marketing minor. 

POLS 3351 – Law in literature and film 

This course will examine how literature and films have influenced real-life law. Students will get to watch and analyze films that have had a crucial influence on our legal system. They will also get the chance to explore foundational texts like the Bible and Bleak House and their impact on our laws. The prerequisite for this class is GOVT 2306 and 2305 or consent of the instructor. 

POLS 3391 – Political scandals 

This course will examine contemporary political scandals in the U.S. Scandals that have dominated American politics, such as the Watergate scandal, the 2020 election and the impeachment of former president Clinton are all potential topics for this course. The prerequisite for this course is GOVT 2306 and 2305 or consent of the instructor. 

TECH 1313 – Impact of modern technology on society

Advancement in technology has changed our world and how we see it. This class will examine how our moral, ethical, cultural and legal behavior standards have changed through the impact of technology today. To enroll in this class, you must have either credit for or concurrent enrollment in a core mathematics and communications class.  

HIST 3363 – Pirates and smugglers in the modern world

Do you often daydream about stashing all your valuables on some forsaken desert island in the middle of the ocean? Have you flirted with the idea of wearing an eye patch purely for the style points?

This class won’t teach you how to do those things, but it will teach you about pirates. This course covers the history of piracy from the early modern era to the present. Enrollment is open to all juniors and seniors in good academic standing. 

HIST 2355 – The global history of food 

Food is a love language and has a deep and rich cultural history. This course will explore food and eating through history. How early civilizations provided for themselves to the current sustainable developmental era.

Students will learn how to build historical arguments writing, practice primary source finding, and use historical methodologies to debate current and past food trends. ENG 1302 is a prerequisite for enrollment.

These are just a few courses offered at UH. The University has a wide array of classes from languages, art and music to earth systems and quantum physics for you to choose from. The sky is the limit.

There are many courses that could also be used to fulfill your graduation requirements. Check your prerequisites as well as core categories. Life as a student can be a bit of a drag at times, but taking interesting courses can keep you motivated and teach you something new as well.

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