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Dear Denise: Fun Houston activities, K-pop and more

Dylan Burkett/The Cougar

Dylan Burkett/The Cougar

In The Cougar’s bi-weekly anonymous advice column, I talk about the abolition of K-pop, fun activities to do in Houston and other interesting topics. To submit your questions for future issues, click the Dear Denise button on our home page.

Dear Denise, do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?


Denise, what are some fun activities to do on short notice?

I love this question! If you did not know, I am not from Houston. I am from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, so all suggestions I give about Houston come from trial and error. Going out into the city and having new experiences is literally my favorite part of going to UH. If I had a car (and knew how to drive), I think I would do it even more.

Here is a list of five places you can go in Houston and have a great time.

  • Post is perfect for people who like to eat and take pictures. There are a variety of different food options that can fit most food restrictions. If you go at night, the skyline is the best backdrop for a quick picture. There are also multiple sets of stairs inside that are cute too.    
  • The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston preferably on Thursdays since it’s free for students that day. If you go, don’t be like me. The first time I went I didn’t know that if you walk underground there was another building. Visit the other building!  
  • Buffalo Bayou Park is the perfect spot for a picnic. You have flat grass to sit on, cheap parking and a beautiful view of the city.
  • Cinemark 18 in Webster is such a cute movie theater. It is a bit of a drive from campus, but the comfy seats are worth it! 
  • Brass Tacks is a coffee shop that is about three stops away from campus on the light rail. It is perfect if you want to chat in an aesthetic place and just sit and talk. The food is pretty good, too.

Should K-pop be abolished?

K-pop should not be abolished because some of the groups are worth saving! Yes, there are a lot of scandals and most of the idols are extremely questionable people, but it’s still fun to be in the K-pop community and be a super fan.

Controversial opinion: Once BTS disbands officially, then K-pop can be over for good.

Who’s hotter … Harry Styles or Bad Bunny?

Oh. I don’t want to answer this question out of fear of being doxxed by both fandoms. If you want to know my answer, come visit me in The Cougar’s office. 

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