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Do’s and don’ts for this Halloween

Santiago Gaughan/The Cougar

This year has flown by, and the spooky season is upon us. Whether you’re a full-blown trick-or-treater or simply want to stay home and relax with a movie, here are five do’s and don’ts for Halloween 2022.

Do: Dress up

Have you been dying to pull off a costume with your significant other or friend group? Check Pinterest or Tik Tok, there are plenty of ideas. Anyone who has seen “Mean Girls” understands the many options available.

Don’t: Be careless 

I know, I know, our readers are adults capable of making responsible decisions themselves, but not everyone goes out with the precautions. If you’re thinking of going to a party or local bar on Halloween, please keep safety first in mind.

A few tips to note:

1. Share your location with trusted friends.

2. Pack pepper spray or taser.

3. Avoid drinks from strangers or ones that were not opened in your line of vision.

4. Assign a designated driver of the friend group or safe way to get home if you plan on drinking.

Do: Haunted houses

 While I won’t be attending any, I’ve been told they’re a great time. There are many haunted houses in the Houston area, so if you’re someone like me who prefers not to scare yourself willingly, prepare an excuse ahead of time!

Don’t: Be afraid to try new things

 Halloween is the one night you can be anyone you choose, literally and figuratively. Take advantage of events both on and off campus. That being said, take things at your own pace. Do what you enjoy and make some good college memories. 

Do: Spooky movie marathon and candy galore 

To the homebodies who appreciate the holiday from a distance, this one’s for you. Disney Plus and Netflix, among other streaming platforms, have plenty of options to enjoy at varying levels of spookiness. Complete with an array of treats, Pillsbury Halloween Cookies are a must, and let the decompressing begin. 

These are just a few suggestions for spending Halloween 2022 while having fun in college and staying safe. Happy Haunting! 

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